Permits and pilotages

We offer all the necessary steps in the process of organization of licensing, including:
- initial cost estimation of national as well as foreign authorizations,
- filling out of the necessary applications and forms and sending them to the relevant institutions (in the case of transport out of the country also to foreign offices),
- receipt of permits and fast shipment to the designated place in the country,
- the performance of detours and making notes of these detours,
- pilotage of loads within the country as well as abroad,
- a police pilotage (if necessary),
- removal, adaptation of the road infrastructure to the passage of oversize vehicles,
- road as well as bridge expertise.

All these activities are performed by our best professionals. Thanks to cooperation with many pilotage companies we offer the cheapest solutions.

Forwarding and road transport

We offer:

Standard transport:
- full truck loads,
- partial,
- LCL.

Specialized transport:
- Non-normative, including oversized cargo due to the size and weight, different diameter tanks, self-propelled machines,
- Container,
- Carriage of dangerous goods - ADR.

Support for wind farms:
- Traffic solutions, including:
Finding the optimum route into area of investment,
Cost estimation associated with adaptation of infrastructure,
Negotiation with the road managements,
Layout of internal roads.

- Logistic support, including:
Building the necessary infrastructure of internal roads,
Organization and supervision of loading and unloading,
Organization of necessary equipment.

- Transport, including the organization of:
Equipment necessary for the transport of wind tower components,
Necessary permits for the passage of vehicles with loads,
Civil as well as police pilotage,
Diversion routes, notes of detours and in the event of bridge expertise.

Sea transport

We offer:
- Transport and sea freight cargo in containers, conventional and large-scale,
- Cargo handling in ports,
- Assistance in organization of customs clearance,
- Loading and unloading goods to and from containers and their storage.

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